Mischievous Mermaid
Alternating Mondays 3 – 5pm

Archived Programs on Radio Free America


Aloha!  I once read that the definition of the word mischievous is to be “irresponsibly playful” and that’s what I aim to be with your eardrums during my radio show. My Mischievous Mermaid Show is dedicated to music of all kinds. I have widely ranging and eclectic tastes, I play everything from 20’s swing, old jazz, singer/songwriter, electro swing and folk to punk, dubstep, old school house. I play basically anything fun, playful, I focus on female vocals and toss in some bass heavy tracks that make you want to shake your tail. Growing up in the 90s I constantly made mixed tapes for all my close friends and this show is the next progression… it’s my labor of love, my lil mix tape for the world! I hope you enjoy it…