Monday's Mixed Plate Menu
Mondays @ 5pm -6pm
Living Sovereign
1st Monday

Listen and kukakuka to understand the Kanaka Maoli issues with US occupation of their homelands
2nd Monday

News and issues of interest to veterans.

Kaua`i Earth Connection
3rd Monday

Getting to know those environmentalist neighbors of yours
4th Monday

LGBT Community News
Callers Welcomed
(808) 826-7771 or (866) 275-1112 for off island
Monday's Mixed Plate: Serving the community tasty morsels of local public affair programming each and every Monday from 5pm -6pm. Join in the buffet of community conversations with KKCR volunteers voicing their opinions, sharing information and helping create a better understanding of today's crucial issues.

These topical tasty morsels from island youth advocates, local sovereignty activists, environmentalists and community builders are some of the latest opportunities offered by Kaua'i' s Community Radio effort to reach into Kauai's diverse culture to analyze, acknowledge and activate our selves in meaningful ways that can make a difference. Join in and partake. Off island callers welcomed, local callers encouraged.

Monday's Mixed Plate is a public affairs, local interest and news program to be broadcast on Monday's from 5pm –6pm. Shows will have a rotating focus alternating from Hawaiian Sovereignty, Environmental Awareness and Action, Veterans and Community Focus. On alternating Mondays, the program's focus and discussion will be centered on the four above mentioned topics. Invited guests will share information and take calls from public to engage, educate and empower listeners to become interested, informed and involved in local issues.

Program Objectives:

Increase opportunities for community based public affairs programming at KKCR

Increase greater community involvement with KKCR local programs

Increase training opportunities for new KKCR volunteers interested in Public Affairs programming at KKCR

Broaden KKCR's outreach efforts by inviting community groups and individuals to utilize the station's facilities to promote events, actions and agendas for the betterment of Kauai

If you have something to you would like to offer and would like to share it with your community or if you have ideas, concerns or inspirations to help create a better Kauai and improve Kauai's community radio's ability to be of service, please contact KKCR general manager Dean Rogers gm@kkcr.org or Jimmy Trujillo jtrujill@hawaii.edu to arrange for a scheduled session on air. Volunteers are encourages to apply. One to two volunteers will be needed per program to run the sound board, answer phones and facilitate discussion as needed. Mahalo for supporting your community radio!