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Howdy folks,

Inspector Dan coming at you from RENEGADE RADIO here on KKCR Community Radio. In case you’re wondering how I got the name Inspector Dan, I was a home and building inspector here on Kauaʻi for 5 years. So everyone started calling me by that name. I moved here from Austin Texas in 2006 after selling my business called Alien Scooters. The first store in the country that sold electric bikes, scooters and motorcycles. There were no electric cars yet.

One of my many jobs was a DJ at various clubs. I played all kinds of music but my favorite was Country music. It just seemed like a natural, being in Texas and all. For some reason I decided I wanted to be a stage magician. So I spent the next 10 years traveling, working on cruise ships and performing my shows. It was a lot of fun and it was always a challenge bringing 3 doves, gun powder and flash paper on airplanes to get to the next show.

KKCR was the station I listened to when I got to Kauaʻi because of it’s diversity. It introduced me to the island in many ways, so I decided this would be a great place to volunteer my time. At first I answered the phones during fund drives. I got to know people at the station like Den on the I-10 who let me sit in with him on his show for about 3 years. I noticed that the country western catalog wasn’t being represented that much so I pitched a country show to the program director and that was the beginning of RENEGADE RADIO. It was easy to pick the name because one of the clubs I worked in was named Renegades. So, we go full circle.

RENEGADE RADIO is where I get to ambush the station every Saturday from Noon until 2 right here on KKCR. I promise to play the best Country Music just for you. FM 90.9 Hanalei, 91.9 Island wide, 92.7 Moloaʻa, 88.9 Oʻahu and KKCR.ORG streaming live worldwide.

Mahalo, Inspector Dan

P.S. I take requests. So give me a call at 808 826-7771.

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