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KKCR asked DJ Jah Co some questions about his new KKCR program & volunteering at KKCR

Describe your background, work experience, education, etc. (Basically please introduce yourself):
I grew up outside of Philly and surfing on the Jersey shore. Earned a bachelor of science in journalism and art history at Syracuse Universtity and played lacrosse on the 3X national championship team. Moved to the north shore of Oʻahu because of a passion for big waves. Been teaching in Hawaii’s public schools for 25 years in many capacities, including HI state science teacher of the year in 2004, most recently a substitute at Kapaʻa H.S., which has allowed me to be an avid traveller- surfing, snowboarding and visiting sacred sites around the world. Moved to Kauaʻi in 2011 following a dream to start a family and farm, caring for the ʻaina and Haloa (kalo/taro). Happily married 11 years to Chie. Our daughter, ʻAinalani is KKCR’s youngest aspiring programmer, “Shave Ice,” following in the footsteps of other programmer offspring, “Golden Eagle” and “Ice Cream.” I feel very appreciative for all of these blessings and life on Kauaʻi, so always try to give back somehow.

What inspired you to volunteer at KKCR? Did you have any radio experience prior to volunteering with KKCR?
I love music and have always aspired to be a DJ, buying vinyl and making mix tapes for friends and girlfriends back in the day. I love KKCR and am a long-time listener to the Grateful Dead Show on Psychedelic Saturdays on Oʻahu. When I moved to Kauaʻi, I became a more avid listener, donating every fund drive to a different favorite program. I started volunteering, answering phones and bringing food for fund drives, then Dove asked me if I wanted to be a programmer. I had little broadcasting experience, and I wasn’t sure I would have the time to commit, but now, it’s a passion.

What are you favorite programs on KKCR?
There is such a great variety of programming. I have no TV at home or CD player in my car, so I just keep it locked on KKCR at home and in the car, sometimes stream and school. My appreciation and listening grew for Hawaiian music every morning w/ great personalities (Sandy Swift, Sistah Lei, Aunty Maria, Braddah Lou), informative talk w/ Felicia, Jonathan, Jimmy, Surf Stories, Kaʻiulani and Donovan, even the syndicated shows. I get music and laughs w/ the Bluegrass show, the Pupule show, and DJ T.O.D. I enjoy the jazz and reggae 2X/week, Swampdaddy’s and One world radio. I try not to miss Evolve w/ Dove, Jungle Jukebox w/ Thomas, and Psychedelic Saturdays. Sundays are nice, too, especially when Mose and Maren come back. I hear new stuff on Mu Radio and from Diamond and Allisun. I often find myself staying in my car just to keep listening. Can’t choose just 1 – variety is the spice of life! Just keep it locked on KKCR.

How has your volunteer experience been? Do you have any advice for people who aren’t sure if they would like to volunteer?
My experience w/ KKCR continues to be great. My advice – if you feel called, DEFINITELY VOLUNTEER! Everyone in the KKCR ʻohana has so much ALOHA. There are so many different ways to contribute and KKCR is here to serve. I am currently working on reviving the Teen Radio Show on Saturdays to increase our youth involvement and listenership, training teens to broadcast, program, record and engineer.

Describe your show “The G Spot”:
Ecclectic grooving, rocking and mellow nostalgic flashbacks. My last show covered the last 7 decades. I ‘m big on the 70s, some 60s, 80s and 90s and recent. My parents instilled in me a love for (live) music, going to concerts of all sorts since a young age in the 70s and 80s, which definitely made an impression and continued in life. I remember seeing Beatlemania, KISS (2X!), ELO, Diana Ross, Billy Joel, BeeGees, the Spinners, and the Stylistics with them. Then concerts on my own: Police, U2, Elvis Costello, the Cult, the Cure, Rolling Stones, Santana, Grateful Dead, Allmann Bros., lotsa reggae and punk rock shows. I grew up in an East coast Italian family, which meant Friday w/ Frank and Sunday w/ Sinatra at home. Dad loves jazz and soul, my older brother was a college DJ and I am a multi-instrumentalist, so all of this influences my show, and I continue to be inspired by fellow programmers and sometimes I do themes. Try listen!