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I am originally from Key West Florida and grew up snorkeling and scuba diving thanks to my father’s adventurous nature which I take after. My mother was a artist which got me into drawing, painting, and costumes. As well as volunteering and fundraising for environment and wildlife such as sea turtle release devices from shrimp boat nets. Which cracked me out of my shell of shyness. This made me very expressive through the desire to help save what I loved using proactivism and art. My brothers who were teenagers when I was under 10 would listen to metal and bands such as Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. My dad was into reggae, big band era, and my mom topped it off with classical. I had all genres of music appreciation. 

I was in late elementary when punk broke into the mainstream. Then high school when it was called grunge. Once on my own I made it to Kauai and took up skateboarding and got deeper into surfing. Again, punk was there as the soundtrack to my life. Much later I found myself on the mainland in California. That’s when things really started to click. 

Finally, I had the opportunity to see my favorite bands live! I was a music junkie hook line and sinker. If there was a mosh pit, I was in it and if there wasn’t, I made one. Then an amazing thing happened. I was introduced to the biggest family I never knew I had. The outcasts, freaks, geeks, and weirdo’s that knew better than to fall in line with the norm. 

Punk rock is unlike any other music. It is totally uninhibited adrenaline filled energy that has alot to say. Highly underrated and grown from the underground. 

I was so amped and inspired that I learned the electric guitar, started a band, and this radio show with no experience to speak of. Just the desire to keep punk alive! 

The grass roots D.I.Y. (do it yourself) ethics, unity, diversity of programming, and open opportunity for involvement KKCR has is what drew me to be a dj for the station. I greatly appreciate the activism to preserve Hawaiian music and language, health, environment, and democracy. So don’t hesitate if you want to be a part of our Kauai Community Radio ‘ohana (family). As long as you have the passion you will do fine. 

Punk Rock 101 is just as it sounds. The ins and outs of what Punk is truly all about. I will do my best to bring much needed hard rocking music to the airwaves as well as educate listeners on all aspects of the genre. With well known songs as well as ones rarely ever herd except by the lucky few. I will unearth the truth and dispel the misinterpretations. So keep your ears open, a P.M.A.(positive mental attitude) and enj Oi!