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Underwriting identifies your business, products and services as supporting community radio programs on KKCR. Underwriting puts your enterprise in touch with our educated, dynamic audience. Underwriting spots on KKCR are the perfect way to broadcast your business or non-profit message to the entire island of Kauaʻi, from Waiʻanae to Waikīkī on Oʻahu & beyond!


Underwriting is to community radio what advertising is to commercial radio. The difference, however, is clear: Commercial stations may air as much as 18 minutes of advertising time per hour. KKCR airs less than five minutes of underwriting per hour, which means our underwriters aren’t lost in a sea of commercial hype. Underwriting is an announcement of support. While listener members are the major source of KKCR’s funding, KKCR also welcomes support from local businesses and other non-profits via underwriting. By underwriting KKCR programs, a business contributes to KKCR operations and is thanked for it during that program. Businesses may underwrite with money or with a trade of goods or services.

  • KKCR-FM is the #1 Non-Commercial Radio Station on Kauaʻi!
  • KKCR is the #2 station on Kauaʻi in most day parts and demographics! (Cume audience)
  • #1 Adults 35-64 Monday – Friday 7p-12m
  • #2 all persons age 12+ Monday-Sunday 6a-12m
  • #2 all persons 18-34, 18-49, 25-54, women 18-34, women 18-49 and women 25-54 Monday-Sunday 6a-12m
  • #2 all persons 12+ Monday-Friday 6a-10a, 10a-2p, 3p-7p and 7p-12m
  • #2 all persons 12+ on weekends (Saturday/Sunday 6a-12m)

Eastlan Ratings summer 2018

KKCR-FM delivers greater value:
  •  KKCR-FM limits the number of messages per hour which means your message will be heard
  •  Diverse programming provides a large audience listening across all cultures and demographics
  •  KKCR delivers a greater efficiency for your advertising/underwriting dollars
  • Kauaʻi’s only full powered community oriented, non-profit radio station
  • Diverse music programming schedule serves all of Kauaʻi with Hawaiian, blues, rock, jazz, hip-hop, reggae, country and classical
  • Community Affairs, talk and local programming


KKCR offers a variety of long and short-term underwriting packages. You may also focus on specific days, times and programs. No additional costs are incurred for production of the underwriting messages.



Six + Months Regular Underwriting messages are aired at the top the hour. No more than four are played at a time. Contributions range from $10 to $25 per message depending on the frequency and time they are aired. Long Term Underwriting also includes a listing on our website www.KKCR.org which gets over 8,000 visits each month.



An affordable and effective way to promote a concert or fundraiser, celebrate a grand opening, or introduce a new business to the community. Limited term messages, from 1 day to 5 months, announcing a business or event, the location, and how the audience can find out more information. Messages are aired at the bottom of the hour.



If you are ready to begin underwriting KKCR programs or would like to receive more information, please set up an appointment to review your marketing needs and goals as well as the benefits of underwriting on KKCR with our General Manager, Anni Caporuscio (808) 826-7774  /  gm@kkcr.org


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