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February 8, 2020
Grateful Phreddy  interview  with  Melvin  Seals, long time keyboardist  with  the  Jerry  Garcia  Band.  Melvin Seals and JGB played at Anainahou’s Porter Pavilion on February 14th.
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Thomas Kelleher interviews Timothy B. Schmit on the Jungle Jukebox – discussing his new single The Good Fight featuring Sheryl Crowe and life on Kauai.
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 of Kumu Hula Kēhaulani Kekua’s Aina Ike on the Air program from July 16, 2019 featuring oli, mele, mana`o, mo`olelo, `ike kupuna, and more on the topic of Maunakea. From Kumu Kehau’s Facebook Post on 7/16/19: “Time and again, we find ourselves in a struggle to malama or care for/protect the places that are considered sacred to the Hawaiian people. So, I’d like to focus on sharing and expanding upon the oral traditions, beliefs and practices that elevate places like Maunakea to be of the highest accord.of sanctity to the Hawaiian people. And of course, the views and opinions that I will highlight and share is of my own, and not that of KKCR, its staff or underwriters. Sending pule of peace, love and protection for our kupuna, kia`i and kako`o who are on the front lines on the Mauna! Me ke ha`aha`a, Kumu Kehau” Click Here to Listen

King Zor with Ricky Farr

Archive of the May 24, 2019, King Zor’s Pau Hana Happy Hour with very special guest, Rikki Farr. For those of you who do not know of Rikki and his amazing work in the music industry, he was the producer of all three Isle of Wight music festivals in ’68, ’69, and ’70. The 1970 event was the largest congregation of human beings ever! At 650,000 people it was twice the size of Woodstock! And his involvement in the careers of the musicians of the time was in many ways an even greater achievement. It’s a great interview click here to listen.