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KKCR is Kauaʻi’s independent, non-commercial, listener-supported community radio station.
KKCR seeks to:

  • Stimulate, educate and entertain our audience
  • Preserve, perpetuate and celebrate Hawaiian culture
  • Reflect the diversity of the local and world community

KKCR provides a forum for overlooked, suppressed, or under-represented voices and music. The Kekahu Foundation facilitates this broadcasting opportunity.


Hawaiian translation by Kellen and Līhau Paik

ʻO KKCR ka hui lekiō kūʻokoʻa no Kauaʻi. He hui lekiō kaiāulu, e paepae ʻia ai e ka lehulehu a e hoʻolele ana me ka hoʻolaha ʻole.

Nā pahu hopu a KKCR:

  • E hoʻoulu i ka hoi, e aʻo aku, a e hoʻohauʻoli hoʻi i nā hoa hoʻolohe
  • E mālama, e hoʻomau a e hoʻolauleʻa pū i nā mea a me ka nohona Hawaiʻi
  • Hōʻike i ka nani ākea o ko kākou kaiāulu a me ke kaiāulu kūwaho

He kahua ʻo KKCR no nā leo a me nā mele laha loa pū nō me ka laha ʻole. ʻO ke Kekahu Foundation ka mea e hoʻoholo ai ia mau papahana lekiō.


Consistent with the Kekahu Foundation / KKCR Mission, the Kekahu Foundation, through its Board of Directors, and KKCR, through its staff and Community Advisory Board, are guided by the following values:

Tolerance and Respect for Individuals, Groups and Cultures

  • We respect individual rights, differences, and diversities of opinion.
  • We practice inclusiveness and open-mindedness.
  • We are non-partisan.
  • We treat everyone with dignity and respect, free of discrimination and harassment.
  • We acknowledge the importance of knowledge to be found in the Hawaiian culture and Kaua‘i’s other diverse cultures.
  • Community Empowerment
  • The core purpose of the Kekahu Foundation and KKCR is to benefit the community and the public good.
  • We promote an active, informed citizenry.
  • We provide a forum for people who are trying to make a difference.
  • We support organizations that are committed to community-based action.