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My husband and I moved to Kauaʻi from Syracuse, New York in October, 2017. We had been frequent visitors since 2011, first coming in 1984 on our honeymoon. I am a retired investment advisor. My interests include travel, outdoor activities, music and cooking.

I happened upon KKCR during one of my early visits to Kauaʻi because the rental car’s radio was tuned to the station. Whenever I came back to the island, I immediately located KKCR’s signal and left the radio tuned there. The station’s homepage does a great job of explaining what KKCR is all about and once we decided to move here, one of the first things I planned to do was volunteer. KKCR’s mission and the variety of programming were the inspiration.

My previous broadcasting experience was as a program host at Wellesley College’s WZLY during my junior and senior years. The station’s slogan: “The wild side of Wellesley College….take a walk there.”

My favorite programs are Saturday and Sunday Classics and the morning Hawaiian music hours.

My volunteer experience has been exceptional. I am really enjoying myself. Honestly, the folks at KKCR are welcoming and supportive. It’s a professional place with an emphasis on the mission of celebrating the Hawaiian culture and serving the people of Kauaʻi. My advice to anyone who is thinking about volunteering is to give it a try.

My show, “The Beat”, is a mix of rock, R&B and soul. The music I play is chosen to make listeners (and me) smile, move and sing along. I tend to look for selections that I think have a type of permanence. However, the music I enjoy crosses boundaries and genres. I hear similarities between the compositions of Sting and Johannes Brahms so I’m liable to play some unusual tracks mixed in with the standard cuts. The aim of “The Beat” is to spread good feelings.

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