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KKCR: Please introduce yourself – describe your background, work experience, etc.
LADY LEHUA: Aloha All! I was Born in Kona, Hawaii (Big Island), and then moved to Taos, New Mexico when I was fairly young. I then moved back here to Kaua’i in 2003. My parents sure know how to pick beautiful places to live, and I also have them to thank for instilling a love for music in me at a young age. Both of their musical tastes being products of the 60’s & 70’s, I was exposed early on to The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Fleetwood Mac, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Bob Marley & The Wailers, The Allman Brothers, The Band, Santana, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Joe Cocker, Paul Simon…all the good ol’ classics. They also have a love for Latin, Brazilian, World music and much more…and for live music, so lets just say I grew up very musically open minded. I soon developed my own very eclectic taste in music, I truly have an appreciation for it all. I have always loved and appreciated life’s beauty in all of the many forms it takes here on this beautiful planet; the ocean, the mountains, the weather, these islands, the people of the world, animals, plants, music (obviously), dance, poetry, art, libations, and the freedom & ability we have to express ourselves in so many ways. I love learning and have become passionate about many different things in life; plants, gardening, wine, the stars, yoga, surfing, cleaning up & preserving the Earth, living sustainably…I am always doing my best to learn how to be a better person and expand my own mind. I have worked many places and studied many different things, but I feel what defines me most as a person is my love and gratitude for being a live on this planet.

KKCR: What inspired you to volunteer at KKCR? Did you have any radio experience prior to volunteering with KKCR, always want to be a broadcaster, …? 
LADY LEHUA: Well, to be honest it had a lot to do with my boyfriend Thomas (of the Jungle Jukebox), I always loved listening to his show and all of the programming on KKCR (even before we were dating). 😉 I remember listening to the Garden Show long ago, 10 years maybe, and being so inspired to learn more about gardening and to start my own garden. I have always loved KKCR and the diverse programming it provides and the beacon of free speech that it is! I did not always want to be a broadcaster though, it wasn’t something that even crossed my mind…but then I started going up to the station with Thomas and hanging out, meeting volunteers, and becoming friends with so many people involved in the station. I started volunteering at the station during fund drives, and I loved being a part of the excitement of raising money to keep such a precious & priceless entity alive! Eventually I was exposed more to the thrill & impact of being on air, and thought, hey wouldn’t it be cool if I had my own show and could spread good vibes & love through music out to the world?! And here I am with my own show, the Lehua Lounge! I am very thankful for all KKCR has given me so far…and I can’t wait to see how we will continue to grow together, and how the station will continue to grow as an invaluable resource for our community and the world. 

KKCR: What are you favorite programs on KKCR?
LADY LEHUA: Jungle Jukebox, Beatbox Time Machine, Solid Action, Homegrown Garden Island Bluegrass show, Pets & People in Paradise, In the Garden on the Farm 

KKCR: How has your volunteer experience been? Do you have any advice for people who aren’t sure if they would like to volunteer?
LADY LEHUA: It’s been so fun and life changing! Being a volunteer and becoming a programmer has given me a lot of self confidence and inspired me to get more creative, express myself and learn more and more about music! We are also here for the community in times of need, and I feel very honored to be able to help and provide important information to the community when needed. I love KKCR and being a part of the Ohana! I always feel very accepted, and I love getting to know all of the other volunteers & staff. It is a beautiful group of eclectic, interesting & nice humans. Yes, my advice is to come up to the station and check it out! Especially during a fund drive, you meet a lot more people around those times and it is an exciting high energy occasion to be a part of (or even just to witness). There are so many ways you can get involved too, not just by being an on air programmer.

KKCR: Describe your show -Lehua Lounge
LADY LEHUA: The Lehua Lounge is a place to feel good, unwind, relax and shake your booty a little (or preferably a lot). It was inspired by music that makes me feel really good, a funky bass line and some groovy beats…the band Fat Freddy’s Drop has been a big influence for the show, along with Dub, World, Reggae, Funk, and any other kind of musical goodness that gets my hips moving and soul feeling soothed. With the Lehua Lounge I want to spread positive vibrations to the world!

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