The Beloved Lyn McNutt

by Jodi Ascuena, Oct 2022

Lyn McNutt, the beloved Indigo of KKCR, passed away suddenly in September after a series of strokes. Her daughter Christine and her brother were able to come here to Kauaʻi to be at her side during her final days. We have a collective sadness at the station and send our condolences to Lynʻs family.
All staff members and programmers here at KKCR have felt the absence of her ebullient personality and will always be aware that her spirit resides in the very heart of this radio station. As Indigo, her show, Omnitorium, covered so many genres in numerous countries, and reached so many ears, it could be said her music has been appreciated around the world and back again. Her love of Hawaiian music was ever-present too; she would announce on almost every Omnitorium, “This may be a program of world music, but to most of the world, Hawaiian music IS World Music!”
Lynn would pick up all kinds of strange and unusual swag at the various conferences she attended, then find just the right person whoʻd appreciate propping up some bobble-headed puppy dog on their desk or sticking a tiny magnetic flashlight on the refrigerator. She had no reservations about dressing up in funny hats decorated with plastic plumeria and a neon hula skirt, then after you were doubled over with laughter, sheʻd announce with a cheeky grin, “Oh, Iʻm glad you like it so much, because I made one for you too!”. Such was Lynʻs great sense of humor, truly the stuff of legends!
We were so grateful for her unswerving love of music, her enormous generosity, her ability to talk to anyone about any thing, her rascal smile and infectious chuckle as she came around the corner, arms full of food for everyone in sight, dried fish over here, pickle mango over there, “E Bradda Lou, you like one foot-long Musubi? Fresh from Pono Market, you know?….”
Everybody loved Lyn McNutt, well, really, who wouldnʻt?

Lyn’s daughter Christine L Bayley-Wortley has organized a fundraiser to assist the family.


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